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Cookies are a staple at every home with small children. Our cookies are delicious and will keep you wanting more.

About Us

Dear Reader,

Kid-doughs has been a long time project. After much research and self motivation I have embarked on this journey to bring a dream to life. My dream is to help children with dietary restrictions to feel a sense of normalcy and to let them know that their restrictions don't have to interfere with their desires.

My name is Milly and I'm simply a mom that shares the pain of having a child with special dietary needs. My son, Domingo, was diagnosed with diabetes at a year old. That has been one of the biggest challenges in our lives. He has grown up to be exceptional young man. I'm here to tell you that no diabetes or any ailment can stop him or your own child, niece, nephew, relative or friend from fulfilling their dreams. 

House Specialties

Kid-doughs Treats caters to children with food allergies, diabetes or that may eat a vegan diet. We make desserts to order and open request. Our treats are free of gluten, free of dairy, free of eggs, vegan and free of refined sugar.   



Treats from the heart


Kid-doughs was created in his name and in the name of children that suffer from diabetes, autism or food allergies. I know first hand the struggles that these kids face daily when they aren't able to eat anything they want. I've seen my son suffer through it. We have created Kid-doughs so they stop feeling out of place. So they can eat whatever is on our menu and we, the parents, know that it will be good for them. Our products are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and diabetic friendly.

I thank you for visiting our site and reading our story. My son is my hero and I know you feel the same about yours. I invite you to share your heroic stories with us. They are an inspiration to continue on this venture.

Much love,

Our brownies are decadent treats without the high calories and the guilt in the enjoyment.